Silvija Seres

This is a personal web page, intended for friends and family scattered around the world.

For professional information, please see my CV, my company TechnoRocks, or a short bio in english.

Some media articles from the past are here. Some of my recent talks are listed here.

Contact Information

Address in Norway: Lonnaasen 19A; 1362 Hosle; Norway

Telephone: +47 4004 9005 (Norway mobile)


Some personal info: I was born in Yugoslavia on the 28th of June, 1970. I grew up in a quiet town called Novi Sad, which features the oldest beach on Danube, the most enjoyable fortress from Hapsburg monarchy, and three ruined bridges. Novi Sad was a great place to grow up in. So was Vojvodina - it is flat and agricultural, but beautiful, friendly, slow and culturally confused in a charming way. Here are some old photos from Vojvodina: around 1920-1950, from my father's home village Petrovo Selo, and my mother's home town Becej.

I was a Hungarian minority in this area, but it never mattered. Yugoslavia was in general a good place to be, from what I could see of those 17 years I've lived there, and from what I've learned about life by living in other places. But that's changed.

My family lives in Oslo, Norway. I have lived there from 1988 to 1997, and then again from 2004 until now; I studied and worked and skied and slowly became Norwegian. Norway is beautiful and very kind; probably one of the very few places on Earth where the majority of people seriously believe in fairness and equality. It is also a paradise on Earth in the summer, an absolute must see. As for the winter: it is still beautiful, but you really have to be fond of the snow to enjoy the many months of it.

Between 1997 and 2002 I was at Oxford University, where I did a PhD. I also worked as a lecturer and a tutor at the Department of Computer Science and at Oriel College and some other places as well. My academic publications from this period are here. I finished my PhD in April 2001.

Oxford has an amazing architecture and even more amazing set of people. Lots of interesting traditions, dinners and gowns. During my PhD, I spent several months as a visiting researcher, working for Digital Corporations System Research Centre in Palo Alto, doing development on algorithms and web software; working on a research project at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing; and as a professor, managing an academic programme at Dar al Hekma, the first private female university in Saudi Arabia. Around this time, I have been awarded a Prize Fellowship at Magdalen College at Oxford Univeristy, a true aesthetic and academic paradise if there ever has been one. It was a wonderful setting for intellectual work, with inspiration around every corner (and there are many corners in old colleges in Oxford).

In 2003 I did a one year MBA program at the school Insead in France, and I spent this year partly in Fontainebleau and partly in Singapore, between the two Insead campuses. Insead was a highly rewarding and intense experience, much recommended.

I have been back in Norway since 2004, working as a Vice President of Product Marketing in the software company Fast Search & Transfer. Some of my publications from this period are here. From 2008 to 2011 I have been working for Microsoft as a Director of Business Management.

Since 2011 I have been working as an investor and startup advisor, from my own company TechnoRocks.

In addition, I now serve on several company boards, among others: The Norwegian Lottery, The North Alliance, Syncron International, Enoro, and Academedia.

I am also on the corporate assembly of Telenor, on the board of Transparency International in Norway, and on the Technology Council og Norway. In the past I have served on several other boards, among others, on the board of directors for Statkraft, Aschehoug, Making Waves, Opera Software ProfDoc, DataRespons, Norman, Sonitor, Integrasco, The Performance Group, Dagbladet, and GeoKnowledge.

Andreas and I have four children: Sander, Thomas, Maia and Anja. Sander and Thomas were both born on May 8, Sander in 2007 and Thomas in 2009. Maia was born on September 28 2010, and Anja on March 4 2013.

The photo-links below are intended for my friends scattered around the world. Most of them contain large images and may take some time to download. The highligted ones are the most interesting ones.

  1. February '97: visting Sonia and Peter in Italy
  2. April '97: traveling in Peru with Andreas' family
  3. Summer '99: working in California at Compaq SRC
  4. Christmas '99: trek to Himalaya
  5. Early spring in Barcelona, March 2000
  6. A weekend in Scotland, June 2000
  7. Visiting Christie in Ireland, July 2000
  8. Our wedding, 29 July 2000
  9. Visiting grandmother in Yugoslavia, August 2000
  10. Celebrating Andreas's MSc at the Isles of Scilly, September 2000
  11. Our honeymoon in Cuba, September 2000
  12. A historical week in Yugoslavia, October 2000
  13. Christmas in Norway, December 2000
  14. Photos from Sinai, April 2001
  15. Photos from Oxford, May/June 2001
  16. A trip to Yugoslavia, July/August 2001
  17. My graduation ceremony, 14 July 2001
  18. Our trip around southern and eastern Africa, August/September 2001
  19. Autumn photos of friends and family, October/November 2001
  20. A Swan knocking on our door, November 2001
  21. Early spring images from Oxford, February 2002
  22. Photos from a diving week on Maldives in February 2002
  23. Photos from my teaching job in Saudi Arabia in April 2002
  24. Photos from our Divemaster Course in Jordan in July 2002
  25. Friends in Oxford and Norway during summer 2002
  26. Friends in Oxford during autumn 2002
  27. Working and travelling in China in November 2002
  28. Winter photos from Insead P1 in Fontainebleau, France, in January 2003
  29. Spring photos from Insead P2 in Fontainebleau, France, in March 2003
  30. Summer photos from Sailing in Greece in June and July 2003
  31. Diving photos from a week on a liveaboard Oriana in Sharm during August 2003
  32. Autumn photos from travels based from Singapore, during Insead P5 in November 2003
  33. Travel photos from Bali during the Christmas break of 2003
  34. Trekking photos from Thailand, in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, in January 2004
  35. Winter and spring photos from Norway, from Oslo, Trysil and Tvedestrand, in March/April 2004
  36. Early summer photos from Norway and US, in May/June 2004
  37. Action photos from Norway, from Besseggen and other, in July/August 2004
  38. Seaside images from Montenegro, from Herceg Novi area, in August/September 2004
  39. Diving and sighseeing images from Sudan and Egypt, in December 2004
  40. Working and hiking in Puerto Rico, in January 2005
  41. Winter photos from Norway, in February and March 2005
  42. Easter photos from Oslo, April 2005
  43. Insead reunion at Jo's wedding, in Yorkshire, May 2005
  44. Visiting Paul in New York, May 2005
  45. Back home after grandmother's funeral in Vojvodina , June 2005
  46. Summer breather in Tvedestrand , July 2005
  47. Paul and Elissa's Wedding , London July 2005
  48. A relaxing week in Herceg Novi , Monte Negro August 2005
  49. Titti's Crayfish party , Jar August 2005
  50. Nenad and Asja's Norway visit, September 2005
  51. Deep Blue diving in Galapagos, December 2005
  52. Weekend in Paris with mother, February 2006
  53. Skiing in Trysil, March 2006
  54. Visting Susanne and family in Denmark, April 2006
  55. Reunion with friends from INSEAD in Sicily in June 2006
  56. Summer vacation in Tvedestrand in Norway July 2006
  57. Cycling along Rallarvegen in Norway August 2006
  58. Walking in Sweden in November 2006
  59. Driving in Andalucia in Spain December 2006
  60. Home with Sander in Oslo May 2007
  61. Summer in Tvedestrand in July and August 2007
  62. A few short trips to Dubrovnik in September 2007
  63. More summer in Herceg Novi in September 2007
  64. Sander's baptism in Monastery Celije in October 2007
  65. Beach life on Cook Islands and Fiji in the South Pacific in November 2007
  66. Celebrating the New Year in Trysil in Norway, January 2008
  67. Old photos from highschool Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj in Yugoslavia, 1987-88
  68. Natasa's nun initiation ceremony in Monastery Celije in Serbia, April 2008
  69. Twentieth high-school reunion in Novi Sad at J.J.Zmaj in Serbia, July 2008
  70. Hot summer on the South Coast in Norway, July 2008
  71. Visiting Susanna's family in Denmark, October 2008
  72. Cold vacation in the Canary Islands in Spain, December 2008
  73. Christmas holidays in Oslo and Trysil in Norway, December 2008
  74. Work conference in Las Vegas in US, February 2009
  75. Family and tons of snow in Oslo, February 2009
  76. Family and friends in Serbia, April 2009
  77. Family and friends in Norway, April 2009
  78. Arrival of Thomas, in Oslo in May 2009
  79. Playing photographer with Sander, June 2009
  80. Summer at home, June 2009
  81. Cottage joys in Tvedestrand, August 2009
  82. Late summer in Oslo, August 2009
  83. Silvija in e24, September 2009
  84. Silvija on TV, September 2009
  85. Early autumn in Oslo, September 2009
  86. Visiting family and friends in Serbia with two babies, September 2009
  87. INSEAD Alumni Norway Harvest Party, October 2009
  88. Autumn colours in Oslo, October 2009
  89. Late autumn in Oslo, November 2009
  90. Thomas' baptism, December 2009
  91. Visits by Ivana and Nenagh, December 2009
  92. Family Christmas, December 2009
  93. Visit by Ivan and family, December 2009
  94. Playing in the snow at -15 Celsius, December 2009
  95. Long vacation in Thailand with two babies, January and February 2010
  96. First week in cold Oslo for Michelle, March 2010
  97. Sander and Thomas photos from Fame, March 2010
  98. Early summer and birthdays in Oslo, May 2010
  99. Profile article in Dagens Naeringsliv, July 2010
  100. Blueberries in Hønefoss, July 2010
  101. Chilly summer in Oslo, July 2010
  102. Summer photos from Tvedestrand, July 2010
  103. Photos for Die Zeit article, July 2010
  104. Summer photos from Serbia, July 2010
  105. Our 10-year wedding anniversary in Gaalaa, July 2010
  106. More summer in Oslo, August 2010
  107. Kids and nature in Oslo, September 2010
  108. Photographer visit to the kindergarten, September 2010
  109. Arrival of Maia baby, September 2010
  110. Fancy photos of Maia, October 2010
  111. Golden colors in Oslo, October 2010
  112. Autumn joys in Oslo, October 2010
  113. Sondre baptism and friends in Norway, November 2010
  114. Kids and first ice and snow in Norway, November 2010
  115. Dark and cold Oslo, December 2010
  116. Christmas in Oslo, December 2010
  117. More mid-winter in Oslo, December 2010
  118. A short ferry trip to Kiel, December 2010
  119. Winter and kids in Norway, January 2011
  120. Visiting Ivan and Saska in Hamar, February 2011
  121. Maia's baptism, February 2011
  122. Visit by Nenad and Hana, February 2011
  123. Kindergarten ski race, February 2011
  124. Beautiful winter light, March 2011
  125. Walking around Akershus festning, Oslo April 2011
  126. Visit by Ivana and Yves, April 2011
  127. All children like to splash, May 2011
  128. Signs of spring, Oslo May 2011
  129. Boys in the Kristiansand Zoo, May 2011
  130. Andreas' birthday, May 2011
  131. Celebrating the National Day, 17 May 2011
  132. NAA Presidents Meeting at INSEAD, May 2011
  133. Visiting Serbia, part 1 and part 2, June 2011
  134. Foto shoot of the kids by Marika, June 2011
  135. Celebrating St Hans (summer solstice) with neighbours in Loennaasen, June 2011
  136. Summer in Croatia, on island Korcula part 1 part 2, part 3, part 4, , and Mljet, July 2011
  137. More summer in Monte Negro, in Herceg Novi and the surrounding Boka area, July 2011
  138. Talk at the Peer Gynt Academy in Gålå, August 2011
  139. Summer joys in Oslo, August 2011
  140. Loennaasen Ola Bil Race, August 2011
  141. Autumn and apples, September 2011
  142. Photographer visit to the kindergarten, September 2011
  143. Walking around Oscarsborg, September 2011
  144. Family photos at Fame, September 2011
  145. Autumn colors in Oslo, September 2011
  146. Boat trip to Denmark, September 2011
  147. A cool playground with old tires, September 2011
  148. Maia's first birthday, September 2011
  149. Offshore windfarms in the UK with Statkraft, October 2011
  150. Old trails in Oxford, October 2011
  151. Visiting family and friends in Serbia, October 2011
  152. Playing with autumn, October 2011
  153. Maia's friends, November 2011
  154. Before the snow around home, November 2011
  155. Visiting Istanbul, December 2011
  156. Teknologiraadet at Lysebu, December 2011
  157. Random photos of family and friends, December 2011
  158. A visit by Saska, Lea and Ana, December 2011
  159. Family Christmas, December 2011
  160. More winter fun, December 2011
  161. Lots of snow in Trysil, December 2011
  162. Celebrating Elena, January 2012
  163. Around Oslo, January 2012
  164. More everyday photos from home in Oslo, February 2012
  165. Maia's maternity group in Oslo, February 2012
  166. Walking on fjord ice in Oslo, February 2012
  167. Celebrating Titti, February 2012
  168. Visit by Sidsel and family in Oslo, February 2012
  169. Snow in Frognerparken, February 2012
  170. Nicolas and Rafael in Folkemuseum in Oslo, February 2012
  171. Children back on fjord ice in Oslo fjord, February 2012
  172. Visiting Ivan and the family in Hamar, February 2012
  173. Sander's first ski race in Holmenkollen in Oslo, March 2012
  174. Birthdays and toys and boys in Oslo, March 2012
  175. A walk along Akerselva in Oslo, March 2012
  176. Sunny Bydgoy in Oslo, March 2012
  177. Playing around home in Oslo, March 2012
  178. Judging at the Startup Weekend in Oslo, March 2012
  179. Spring in Vojvodina, April 2012
  180. Playing around home in Oslo, April 2012
  181. Finally summer in Deda's backyard in Jar by Oslo, May 2012
  182. Celebrating Sander's and Thomas' joint birthday in Oslo, May 2012
  183. Celebrating Norwegian national day in Oslo, May 2012
  184. Visiting the old silver mine at Nesodden, May 2012
  185. A walk in forest above Oslo to Saetern Gaard, May 2012
  186. Random photos of spring at home, May 2012
  187. Back at INSEAD for the annual IAA meeting, May 2012
  188. Aviation show at Kjeller in Norway, June 2012
  189. A family boat trip to Gressholmen in Oslo, June 2012
  190. A boat trip with the board of Syncron in Stockholm, June 2012
  191. Random photos of early summer at home, June 2012
  192. Blowing glass in Hadeland, July 2012
  193. A great evening out boating around Oslo, July 2012
  194. Summer vacation in Herceg Novi in Montenegro, July 2012
  195. Annual children's festival Reverock in Oslo, September 2012
  196. Enjoying the autumn at home in Oslo, September 2012
  197. Photographer in the Hosle kindergarten in Oslo, September 2012
  198. Visiting Kiaervollen at Roros in Norway, September 2012
  199. Maia's second birthday in Oslo, 28th September 2012
  200. Family foto session in Oslo, October 2012
  201. Autumn walks and fun in Oslo, October 2012
  202. Visit by Ivana and Kata in Oslo, December 2012
  203. Andreas, Sander and Thomas in Trysil, December 2012
  204. Photos from diverse pre-Christmas activities in Oslo, December 2012
  205. Family and Christmas, December 2012
  206. New Year's celebration in Trysil part1 and part2, December 2012
  207. Walking on ice in Bogstad, January 2013
  208. Senior executive course with Norwegian Defense College in Hadeland, January 2013
  209. Digital strategy seminar with Laanekassen in Nordmarka, January 2013
  210. Norsk Tipping hosting the annual Sports Gala in Hamar, January 2013
  211. More ice fun in Sandvika, January 2013
  212. Farewell dinner with GeoKnowledge board, February 2013
  213. Field trip with Norsk Tipping, February 2013
  214. Playing around home, February 2013
  215. Hosle kindergarten skiday, March 2013
  216. Arrival of baby Anja, March 2013
  217. Easter fun at home, March 2013
  218. Anja's babyphoto session, March 2013
  219. Easter snow in Trysil, March 2013
  220. The boys birthdays, May 2013
  221. Celebrating Norway's national day, 17th May 2013
  222. Day trip to Oscarsborg, June 2013
  223. Anja's baptism, June 2013
  224. Summer vacation in Montenegro, July 2013
  225. Sander's first day at Hosle school, August 2013
  226. Summer party with INSEAD and IMD alumni, August 2013
  227. Offsite meeting with Syncron colleagues, August 2013
  228. Picking blueberries with grandfather, September 2013
  229. Visiting power plants with Statkraft, September 2013
  230. The final boat trip of the season, September 2013
  231. Flying over central Norway to Forde, September 2013
  232. Celebrating Maia's third birthday, September 2013
  233. Photos from school and kindregarten, September 2013
  234. Around home, October 2013
  235. Autumn walk around Sognsvann, October 2013
  236. Halloween party, October 2013
  237. Sunday walk on Hovedoya, November 2013
  238. Ekeberg sculpture park, November 2013
  239. Home photos by Chris, November 2013
  240. First ice on Bogstad, November 2013
  241. Photos by Jon Fredrik, November 2013
  242. Family celebration of Christmas, December 2013
  243. Playing with snow in Trysil, December 2013
  244. Combined work and family trip to Serbia, February 2014
  245. Tons of snow in Trysil, February 2014
  246. Scenes from home, February 2014
  247. Anja's first birthday, March 2014
  248. Anja's photo session, March 2014
  249. At home, April 2014
  250. Enjoying snow in Trysil, April 2014
  251. Playing with Nenad and family in Trysil, April 2014
  252. Playing with Nenad and family in Oslo, April 2014
  253. Four day-trips around Oslo: Hovedoya, Kolsaas, Gressholmen and Oscarsborg, April 2014
  254. Visiting Langedrag park, May 2014
  255. Sander and Thomas' birthdays, May 2014
  256. Presidents meeting at INSEAD, May 2014
  257. Norway's National Day, May 2014
  258. Travelling and meeting at Hurtigruta, May 2014
  259. Meeting in Forde, May 2014
  260. Five day-trips around Oslo: Burud, Hoyt&Lavt,Oslo docks, Kalvoya and Bogstad, May 2014
  261. Just plain home: kids and spring, May 2014
  262. Meeting in Dale, June 2014
  263. Mother and son in Sintra, June 2014
  264. Boating to Haaoya, June 2014
  265. Scenes from home, June 2014
  266. Summer dinner by IAAN, June 2014
  267. Meeting in Jevnaker, June 2014
  268. Summer vacation in Montenegro, July 2014
  269. Confirmation of Kamilla, September 2014
  270. Meeting the Bloomberg team in Paris, September 2014
  271. Enjoying home, September 2014
  272. Two work-related trips to Sweden, September 2014
  273. Family photos from Jojo, September 2014
  274. The 4th birthday of Maia, September 2014
  275. Playing at home, October 2014
  276. Autumn hikes in Trysil, October 2014
  277. The baptism of Katarina, November 2014
  278. The 50th birthday of Mette, November 2014
  279. Enjoying autumn around Oslo, November 2014
  280. Chasing snow in Trysil, November 2014

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